High Voltage DC centralized Power System for LED lighting

System Introduction

    This LED lighting control solution consist of HVDC centralized control cabinet, background monitoring software, DC-DC LED driver power. HVDC centralized control cabinet’s major component is input and output power distribution unit, rectifier module, monitoring unit, and SPD. Three phase AC power through the HVDC centralized control cabinet, transfer to 204~288Vdc DC, then pass the output control switch floating supply power to lamp, DC-DC LED driver power is responsible for converting DC power into constant current source, which is LED lamp’s requirement to achieve lighting and dimming functions.

HVDC centralized control cabinet

 Single cabinet maximum capacity is 60kW, power supply radius is about 3km. It assembles AC/DC power supply, centralized dimming function, fault monitoring and feedback, electrical parameter monitoring, lightning protection and other functions.

Background monitoring software

 It can remotely dim and switch the lights, display street lighting fault information, monitor electrical parameter, summarize and manage the data.

DC-DC power supply module (LED driver power)

Integrate single lamp controller function, use Manchester encoding dimming, without laying of dimming wire, high power efficiency.

Product Features

Safe and reliable

The system uses floating output, cabinet ground connection, configure the line insulation monitoring, power supply module redundancy, multi-level lightning production.

High efficiency and energy saving

 High voltage DC power supply, low power consumption; PF 1, power module efficiency is more than 95%; scientific monitoring system. To achieve secondary energy saving, it can segment and grading dimming.

Flexible control

 Intelligent adjustment of LED brightness, it has multiple communication interfaces, such as GPRS, RS485 and network port, monitoring the monitor and LED driver, online upgrade and maintenance; It can realize the manual/automatic, remote/local control.

Intelligent platform

Detection and management LED lamp’s life cycle, it can seamless connect with smart city.

Construction convenience

HVDC centralized control cabinet is configured on the roadside, there is no need of climb maintenance; Power module with hot-swappable function, the module can be replaced without power off.

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