LED lighting intelligent control solution

System Description

LED lighting intelligent control system consists of power drive module, communication module, control and detection module. It create Local Area Network with centralized controller, mainly through the PLC, RS485, DALI, Zigbee communication methods to achieve switch lamp, dimmer control, and feedback fault information.

Communication mode

PLC Communication network

PLC, Power Line Communication, is using existing cable, deliver analog or digital signals by carrier mode. LED intelligent control system using this network mode, the biggest feature is that don’t need to set up a separate network line, as long as the cable, it can carry out data, it can greatly save the cost of cable. But PLC requires high power grid, short transmission distance, poor anti-interference ability.

RS485 Communication network

RS485 is kind of serial communication bus standard signal, high transmission rate, good anti-interference ability, transmission distance is more than 1km. Using this communication networking, lighting is high reliability, but this method need to set up separate RS485 lines, which is increase the cost of network. 

DALI Communication network

DALI is a new international standard light source control system, it uses the single wire to connect the LED driver power and the controller, the wire is very convenient, each lamp is independently controlled, and lamp can be dimming and switched without change the main voltage. Using this network also need to separate wire, increase networking cost.

 Zigbee Communication network

Zigbee is a low power short distance wireless communication protocol, which is based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard technology.  It’s characterized by short distance, low complexity, self-organization, low power consumption, low data rate. Using this mode, do not need separate wiring, flexible networking, low cost, but the communication distance is relatively short, generally a few hundred meters. Single lamp’s signal receiving is easy to receive external influence, it can’t have shelter, suitable for open and on signal interference environment.

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